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Mass production of USB Type-C connector parts is available!!
Compatible to both plug and receptacle!

About the USB Type-C ™

The USB Type-C connector attracts worldwide attention as a future generation of USB connectors. For next generation smartphones and various connectors, standardization of Type-C connectors is progressing and it is expected that they will become more popular in the future.
Prior to this demand, JANDC manufactures and sells C-type connector parts.
(Manufactured in Japan)

USB Type-A
USB Type-A
USB Type-C
USB Type-C

Features of Type-C connector

  • Small size
    Almost the same dimension as Micro USB : 8.4mm×2.6mm
  • Reversible
    Connectable regardless of up and down
  • High-speed transfer
    Transfer speed is about twice of the USB 3.0 =” 10 Gbps “
  • Expansion of usage range
    From power supply to video output is possible with one cable.

A connector to be attached to a cable is called a plug (male), and a connector to be attached to a smartphone, a personal computer, etc. is called a receptacle(female).
We can handle both of these products.

 plug(male parts)
Plug(male parts)
receptacle(female parts)
Receptacle(female parts)
Plug and Receptacle

Benefits of our production

USB Type-C Shell

The drawing process realizes a seamless high hardness product! (compatible to both plug and receptacle)
  • Point01High hardness (hardness up to HV 400)
  • Point02Because of Deep-Drawing the connection part gets smooth surface without concave /convex.
  • Point03We have precision processing technology of drawing dies and can respond to mass production.
USB Type-C Shell

Currently, many metal shell products are made by curling flat plates and caulking the joints, but our press parts are characterized by being manufactured by drawing process.
Drawing is one of the metal plate forming methods, which is a processing method for making a container with a bottom such as a cylinder, a square tube, a cone, etc. from a thin metal plate. It is characterized by no seams in the molded product.

Other forms
USB Type-C Shell形状1
USB Type-C Shell形状2
USB Type-C Shell形状3

Waterproof technology for USB Type-C connector parts

Waterproof/ dustproof performance is compatible to”IP67 / IP68 grade” (Receptacle compatible)

We manufacture our products using the most advanced molding technology as follows.

  • Point01Self-adhesive material liquid silicone rubber
  • Point02The latest molding machines and precision dies made in Japan
  • Point03Fully automated production by LIMS (liquid silicone rubber injection molding system)
Waterproof technology for USB Type-C connector parts

LIMS (Liquid Injection Molding System)

LIMS is an abbreviation for Liquid Injection Molding System.
It means a molding processing system realized by combining liquid silicone rubber with excellent properties and a molding machine that precisely and stably injects this.

  1. シェル自動送り
    01.Type-C Shells are input automatically
  2. ロボット キャッチ
    02.Grab with mechanical arm
  3. シリコーン 射出
    03.Silicone injection
  4. ロボット 配列
    04.Display with mechanical arm
  5. 製品自動送り
    05.Products are output automatically.